Who made Whatsapp? , How it is used

We all are well aware of whats app, it is an online free messaging app, in which you do chatting, video, phone calls, photos sharing, status setting, but in the news these days. The issue of privacy of WhatsApp app is covered, because on 25 February 2021, our Government of India passed the new IT law (rule information technology) i.e. Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code in which From the OTT (Over The Top) platform to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google, the rules were taken out and whatever is written in these rules, they had to implement them till 26 May, because from this day onwards there are new ones in the country. IT laws will come into force, but WhatsApp filed a petition in the Delhi High Court by stating the rules against its consumer i.e. users. Then, now the government and these foreign apps have come face to face. So today we will talk about Whatsapp Kisne Banaya.


When was WhatsApp started? ( Whatsapp History )
Who is the owner of whats app? , Whatsapp kiss banaya ?
When did WhatsApp come to India?
What’s app payment feature?
What is the new rule of WhatsApp? (New policy of what’s app )
Will WhatsApp be banned by the new rules of the Government of India?
Where is the headquarters of WhatsApp app?
Who is the CEO of WhatsApp app?
When was WhatsApp started? ( Whatsapp History in Hindi )
WhatsApp was launched in February 2009. It was started together by Brian Acton and John Koum, both of them used to work together in Yahoo before the app was created. They left this job and applied for a job in Facebook, but both were rejected. After this, both of them thought of doing something different on the basis of their savings. There is a story behind the WhatsApp app.

Brian Acton told that in the phone he had, a new feature of notifications came from Apple, after which he thought that why not make an app that has both online messaging notifications at the same time, just both of them have installed the app. Designed and after testing it several times, it was launched in February 2009.

Then in October 2009, Brian invested $250,000 in it and officially joined.

As of February 2013, WhatsApp was used by 200 million people and at that time only 50 employees worked in WhatsApp. This app was bought by Facebook for $ 19 billion and it was the biggest deal in the world at that time.

Who is the owner of whats app?

WhatsApp as we all know is an American app and now the owner of WhatsApp is Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook who bought WhatsApp in February 2014 for 19 billion dollars.

When did WhatsApp come to India?

WhatsApp was launched in India in late 2011. WhatsApp has the largest number of users i.e. users in India, about 200 million people use it and this number keeps on increasing.

WhatsApp is used in about 180 countries, more than 2 billion users use it.

What’s app payment feature?

WhatsApp launched the payment feature of WhatsApp in India in November 2020. WhatsApp Pay has been approved by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It is a UPI-based payment service of WhatsApp. Which you can use in the same way as you send the photo. WhatsApp has partnered with 4 major banks in the country, including State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICCI Bank and Axis Bank.

Whats app is always updating new features in your app so that it maintains good contact with your user so that its user can enjoy it.

What is the new rule of WhatsApp? (New policy of what’s app )
The new policy of WhatsApp, which came into effect from 15 May 2021, states that the content that WhatsApp users upload, submit, store, send or receive can be used by the company anywhere. The company can also share that data. Earlier it was claimed that if the user does not ‘agree’ this policy, then he will not be able to use his account. However, later the company called it optional.

According to WhatsApp, people who do not accept the privacy policy will not be able to use many services related to WhatsApp. That is, the company will put them in Limited Functionality Mode. These WhatsApp users will not be able to access their chat list.

There are some changes regarding business chat on WhatsApp which are optional. In this it has been clarified how the company takes the data of users. The company also made it clear that it will take a lot of steps to make users aware about the privacy and safety of WhatsApp. A lot of information related to how the company works with respect to privacy and security on WhatsApp will be shared with the users.

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