Krithi Shetty: Movie with Surya, Bebamma demanding huge remuneration

It is known that a movie is going to be released in the combination of Kollywood star hero Surya and famous director Bala! The combination of the two repeats itself almost 18 years later, creating huge expectations for the film. ‘Uppena’ beauty Kriti Shetty will play the heroine in this film which is shaping up to be the 41st film in Surya’s career. However, it seems that she has made a huge demand to say OK to this project.

The beauty, who received a series of hits with her films Uppena, Shyam Singarai and Bangarraju, has raised her remuneration to O Range. It seems that she has demanded Rs 1.5 crore for Surya alone, which has so far fetched up to Rs 1 crore for Telugu films. Producers who are focused on this young heroine craze are ready to give as much work as they ask for. And so far the truth remains to be seen.

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The film is being produced under the banner of 2D Entertainment by Jyothika and Surya. Jeevi Prakash Kumar is providing the music. Meanwhile Kriti Shetty is currently The Warrior‌, let me tell you about that girl, Macharla constituency is full busy with movies.

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