how to earn money from ludo ( ludo se paise kaise kamaye )

In today’s hectic routine, when we get tired and come to our comfort zone or when we get time in the middle, then many people watch movies to refresh the mind or whatever they feel is right but there are such people in the world. Those who also like to play games in their free time and most of the people who use the mind also like to play the game. Everyone wants that if you get some money even while passing the time, then what will happen, and then who likes money. There is so much online today, but often many people do not know or do not know how to use that website, you can earn money by playing games. So in today’s article we tell you how to earn money from Ludo sitting at home (Ludo se paise kaise kamaye)


Ludo supremo gold game
What do I have to do to earn money from this?
Winmts Ludo game
Ludo Ninja
Ludo league App
MPL Ludo game
Ludo game Android game (Ludo game Android mobile)
Ludo supremo gold game
Ludo Supremo Gold game is very easy and you can download it easily. Ludo Supreme Gold is so easy that everyone can play it easily, a lot of money can also be earned by playing Ludo Supreme Gold, if you want, you can also take direct cash from it in your Paytm. Apart from this, you can also transfer money to your bank account. You can play it with your friends and also online if you want, on this side you can earn money from anywhere. So about this game I told you how to earn money from ludo

What do I have to do to earn money from this?

You have to install Ludo Supreme Gold. You can also download it from Play Store.
To install, you login with your Gmail.
Now you have to click on the setting button in your left hand side ie right side corner.
After this you have to click on Refer and Earn on Ludo Supreme Gold Apps.
Here you can participate in any Ludo tournament, if you win the money then the winning money can also be credited to your Paytm account immediately.
If your friend plays 5 games then you will get 5 rupees, for this you have to refer this game to your friend.
Also if your friend plays 5 games again then you will get double of it.
Winmts Ludo game
Wins This game although you cannot get to see it on the play store, for this you have to download it.
For that you have to visit its official website. After which you can install it on your phone.

Winmts is one of the fastest growing Ludo gaming app in India. In which ludo game can be played. If you share this app with your friend then also you can earn money from Ludo.

For this, you can first install Winmts app in your mobile.
After installing this app, you have to create a new account, after that you have to sign up with your name mobile number by clicking on the Sign Up button.
After this you will see in your home screen you have to play Ludo tournaments and earn money by winning the game.
With this, whatever money you earn from this, you can take that winning money in your Paytm, Amazon Wallet or even in your bank account.
Ludo Ninja
Ludo Ninja is an online Ludo gaming app. You can download this app online i.e. from Play Store, its features are very easy. In this you get 1 and 4 player games and new types of games of type.

You download Ludo from your play store then you sign up with your phone number.
For Ludo Ninja you get a signup bonus of Rs.10, you will see the bonus at the top.
After that now you can join and play online games as well as win in amount. You can put money in your account in full with this money.
Can give you cashback in ludo ninja but you can also get double cashback on first time add money 5 to 10 rupees. If you can play money collecting game, this add money offer is good for you.

Ludo league App

Ludo league app is also a money earning child ludo game available in the market. In which you get real cash by playing Ludo game. This allows you to take part in tournaments, with a bonus of up to Rs.25 if you sign up for the first time.

If you share this app with a friend from your referral link, then here you also get a referral bonus of up to five thousand rupees (5,000), you can not install this app from play store right now, its official website But you can download from the link given below.

On this app you can transfer the earned money to your bank account through any payment as per your wish.

MPL Ludo game

The first time you install the MPL app on your mobile, you get a bonus of up to Rs.20. You can play it directly from Android or even from its official website.

MPL can be called a trustworthy app, because Virat Kohli himself sponsors it. Not only this, you get more than 40 games in this app.

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