How to Create a Team on Dream11 | Dream11 Par Team Kaise Banaye

Hello friends, how are you? You hope you are doing well In today’s article, I am going to tell you how to make a team in Dream11 and how to earn money from Dream11? Nowadays you must have seen AIDS in YouTube or TV, it is said that by playing cricket game, it is said to become a millionaire and also warns us that “it involves the risk of education, it can be addictive, please play with your responsibility” Many people I think this is a fake game, if one can earn money by playing the game, then no one works as hard today. If you are thinking like this, then let me tell you that you can earn money from this Dream11 but there is no possibility that you can earn money, it depends on your cricket knowledge and luck. If you talk about cricket knowledge, then you will get cricket team here. You have to create, if you also want to know how to create a team on Dream11 (Dream11 Par Team kaise Banaye) and how to earn money, then this article must be read till the last.


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How to Create a Team on Dream11
How to Build a Dream11 Team
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what is dream11

This is an online cricket gaming app where you use your knowledge of cricket game to form a team, here you have to choose the best player from two teams, if the player selected by you performs well in the match, then you get the ranking. And you win the contest as well as you also get the amount of first prize. You can download this app from the Dream11 official website, if you are an Iphone user, then you can simply type “Dream 11” in the search bar of the App Store, after that you can download this app. If you want to know who is the owner of Dream11, then we have written an article on this before, you can go and read it.

How to Create a Team on Dream11

Many people have believed that whoever wins in this has good luck and people also say that you need luck to win in this Dream11, this is not true at all. Yes, you can also believe that a little A lot of luck is also there, but it is not completely because you have to use your brain in this, all the work is not luck. To play in this, you have to select 11 players out of 22 players who perform well. Also, you have to choose Captain and Vice. Which is not very easy, you have to choose the player here after thinking very carefully. And one thing you can make the team even before the match is done, the other was not.

How to Build a Dream11 Team

When you open this app for the first time, you will get two options in which to login and register. If you enter a referral key code then you get some amount to play the game if you click on register then you have to upload some amount to play I will recommend that you login with a referral only Do.

To log in through referral, you have to click on Enter Code and here a form of register will come in front of you. Here you have to click on REGISTER after entering the referral code, mobile number, email and password.

After registering, you have to choose the match here, in any match you have to choose here one hour before the start of the game. Here the list of many matches will be shown to you as well as its time is also shown.

After this you have to make a team on Dream11, out of 22 players of both the teams, you have to choose 11 players, here you are given some points to choose, the more players you choose, then your points will be reduced. Here you have to choose the wicket keeper, batsman, all rounder and bowler, here all the players have their names along with their photos.

After that you can see your team by clicking on TEAM PREVIEW. After that you have to click on Continue.

After clicking on Continue, you have to select Captain and Vice Captain here. For the number of runs your captain takes, you will get double points here and for the number of runs the vice captain takes, you will get 1.5 times the points.

After that you have to click on Save Team, then you get the details here, on one run you get 0.5 points for 1 run, 4 points on 1 catch and 12 points for 1 wicket.

Here many other contest shows will be held in front of you, according to the price, you will also have to pay the entry fee. Click on the contest you want to join and a window will open, you have to click on join this contest here. Then a form will come in front of you, here you have to select your Date of Birthday and State, after that click on GO AHEAD.

After that you will see the option to pay here, you can pay by clicking on anyone here, after clicking on the payment option, you have to click on join contest.

After clicking on Join Contest, you can see here that what is its price money, how many winners are going to be there and you can also know from here how much the winner is going to get. And after that, you can join the Contest here more than once.

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