Here are 7 Interesting Facts about Watching Korean Dramas

Here are 7 Interesting Facts about Watching Korean Dramas

Inspirational Articles – Watching Korean Dramas – From a number of dramas in the world, the most popular dramas in the country are dramas originating from the Ginseng Country. Dramas produced by this country are very popular and very large. Yes, every girls love to watch korean drames.

Here are 7 Interesting Facts about Watching Korean Dramas

But for women, sometimes they admit that they don’t like it, even though when they are forced to watch it by their friends, they get excited too. Yes, ladies?

Well, for those of you who really like Korean dramas, below are 7 interesting facts about watching Korean dramas. Ok, check this out…

Watching Korean dramas is like reading a good novel. I want to know more and more about korean drames

This is what is often the first confusion for Korean drama lovers. It’s the same when reading an interesting novel because the story is good and fits the life you’re living (Ciyeeee). Because I feel in accordance with my own life, I want to know how it ends. But even when the ending is known, you don’t want the drama to end, do you? You don’t want the drama to end, do you?

CAUTION: Korean dramas can make people become more sensitive. Especially those who are already sensitive, I can’t imagine being super sensitive

There really isn’t a theory. But believe me, it’s real. Almost certainly all Korean dramas will agree. For example, Dina used to be the type of girl who had no feelings. But after ‘deep into’ Korean dramas, the little things he sees will touch his heart and make him whine.

The conclusion may be this, the way they communicate in the drama forms its own perspective in the audience or audience. For example, when there is a scene of high school students holding hands. I don’t know why the audience will think that the moment is so sweet, even though you can compare it with Indonesian soap operas, or real events like this we saw right infront of our eyes. You will definitely say, “What the hell!”

It took a long time to move on from the story. Just like imagine

Why does this happen so often? Until finally it was played again, played again, just like back again and again. oops! Because of you, the audience has already fallen in love with the characters and the storyline, so even a few years after that you will still watch it again on your laptop. That’s it.

After the drama is over you will still fall in love. Korean male characters are perfect

Aren’t you upset if it’s like this? Impossible! Those who already have a boyfriend must be comparing the male character in the Korean drama with his partner. Now for those who are still single, it’s boring if the criteria for your ideal guy are really the same as the characters in the drama. Yes, where are you looking???

Because of that factor, Korean dramas are so loved, besides the way they are delivered to the audience, you know. And when the Korean drama, which usually lasts for 60 minutes each episode, ends, you will fantasize more about your ideal guy in the drama. But believe me ladies, 99.99% in any part of the world there will be no men like that. That’s perfect.

Listening to the soundtrack of a drama that has finished will make you baper. Immediately flashback to the drama story that you are watching all the time

It’s just the music, you know, the song can make you emotional. He said he said, listening to the soundtrack of a Korean drama is like being hit by magic that can make you flashback, aka remembering various things and events that happened in the drama.

Knowing that Korean dramas will not have seasons like Indonesian soap operas. That’s annoying too!

It’s an open secret, yes, Korean dramas are popular because the story isn’t convoluted, and the episodes aren’t too long (anything too much is not good). Well, knowing that Descendants of the sun for example won’t have seasons 1 to 7, that’s where you’ll be even more upset because you miss their characters.

A good drama can be confusing when it’s still running in Korea, but in Indonesia you have to wait one week later for the next episode

This is where your brain will work and analyze what will happen in the next episode. While waiting for that ~~~ It’s like waiting for a boyfriend who’s been in an LDR for three years, it’s crazy when it turns out that he wants to stop because he already has someone else in his city. #ehh

The last trouble is, when you’re still busy working at the office even though your favorite Korean drama you’ve always been waiting for has aired

Finally, by watching korean dramaswe fall in love with them. For example, for those of you who naturally like to write. Then you like a character in a Korean drama. There, you will write and create another story by imagining the character earlier. And be the one that is currently being hit called fanfiction ~~~

Surely the Korean drama haters will say you-you-you are lazy. Well, and the answer is only one,

You don’t know what it’s like to watch Korean dramas…

Because, enjoying Korean dramas, fantasizing and disturbing them, according to the audience will make BA-HA-GI-A. So, even though there was a lot of confusion after that, they just kept watching. Because he said, they enjoy all the flavors that exist. Ciyeee… This is the confusion that makes her happy.

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