Is your partner busy? Here's 6 Ways To Attract Men's Attention And Suddenly Miss You

Is your partner busy? Here are 6 Ways To Attract Men’s Attention And Suddenly Miss You

Inspirational Articles – Having a relationship with a super busy guy is sometimes a difficult thing for a girl. Sometimes girls always think and doubt the feelings of the guy. Sometimes girls also think “I have a girlfriend but how come it’s like I don’t have a boyfriend”. Maybe even girls are confused about how to attract the attention of a man or a boy.

Is your partner busy? Here's 6 Ways To Attract Men's Attention And Suddenly Miss You

This thought is not wrong. Maybe this is the instinct of every girl. Because every girl wants to get more attention from her partner.

But sometimes when a guy is busy with his activities or work, this will take his attention to the girl. But a position like this will test your understanding as a girl.

Because girls understand that their guy is super busy, this can actually be a trick to get his attention back and even make the guy miss him.

Then how do you do it?

Here are 6 ways to make your super busy guy suddenly miss you and pay more attention to you:

In addition, your understanding can actually be a medium to attract his attention back and even make him miss you. Certainly not by being sulky or angry, you know. But it’s as simple as doing some of the tactics Hipwee Relationships describe in this article.

When news from him doesn’t come, don’t bombard him with phone calls or a lot of questions

Honey, I’m sorry I just had time to tell you, I just got back from work. I was chasing a deadline all day.

It’s okay, I have a nice sunset photo here. I’m sure you didn’t get to see it. Hehehe….

Your “it’s okay” sentence is not a code that you are sulking or angry. But it’s purely to explain that your mood is fine. Then instead of bombarding him with these questions or complaints, you choose to find another topic of conversation.

It can be from random things, such as talking about dusk, traffic density, just anything you meet on the road. It can also be as simple as asking how his job is, how is today’s deadline, how are the clients he is dealing with, or throwing a joke without having to think about whether it’s funny or not. At least make him sure, that you are okay. Even though the news from him did not come all day.

You keep yourself busy, until he feels what you have felt all this time

Hello…. What are you doing, Yang? There’s no news?

Oh yeah, I’ve been forgetting to chat with you. I’ve been busy taking pictures of Yang, at the Gudang Sarinah event.

Oh, the bazaar event that you told me about last Monday, right? I forgot that the event was today.

Because having a busy boyfriend also has advantages for you, one of which allows you to be free to do other activities besides your main job. And this busyness of yours that can secretly make him miss even feel the same way. How not to miss, if the situation is reversed. When he has free time, you are the one who is busy with other additional activities. While some time before you really don’t have time together.

Instead of getting angry when he cancels the appointment, you make sure to him that everything is under control

Unfortunately, tomorrow afternoon I have to be the moderator of the discussion, so I replace my friend. What if you go to the party yourself? I’m sorry….

Oh, yeah relax. Where is the discussion held, Yang? Let me just drop by after the invitation.

Just stop by, you know at the writing class last month.

It’s enough to ask for his help every now and then, so that he has awareness as a partner who should complement each other

Maybe there is disappointment. But, instead of venting it out in a sulky or angry manner, you try to suppress it. After all, in life, there are many other things that sometimes don’t go according to plan, most of which are actually good. So you finally convince him, if you can accept his decision and everything remains under control including your mood.

When you miss, just invite him to meet but you don’t have to whine to him
Not pretentiously independent, but minimizing requests for help to him is also an attitude if you are self-aware alias understand your busy life. You ask for help when you’re really desperate, or know he’s not too busy. Sometimes despite the hassle and difficulty, you wait until he offers to help on his own initiative. Because you also want him to have awareness as a partner who is supposed to complement each other.

5. Honey, is there an event this week? Let’s see, I haven’t watched Baracas yet.

Eh, how about Sunday, Saturday. Come on.

Because longing will not end with whining. Precisely the best way, yes as simple as directly invite him to meet. After all, your guy is not always busy with his world. Even if the worst thing happens, when you ask him to meet but he’s busy, you can schedule the next meeting. Or if he really has to finish the job, you can offer to accompany him to complete the task. The point is that you really have to be more flexible in dealing with your guy’s busy schedule.

You still pay attention to him naturally, make yourself really understanding and patient

Don’t make any artificial understanding, like saying it’s okay but it turns out you’re grumbling behind your back. Or you deliberately did not give news, because you really want to repay his attitude. But in a position like this you should still be the best partner. Keep an eye on him properly. Still accept him with all his shortcomings, including the lack of time for you

At least, when your partner’s busyness is a positive thing for your future, you as a partner should be able to support him. As a girl, you have to give your guy space to develop his talents and abilities. After all, you can also fill this free time with various useful things too.

Maybe that’s 6 tricks so that your super busy guy can suddenly miss you and pay more attention to you. Hopefully this article can work on your relationship and please practice this trick. God willing, it’s proven. Good Luck

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