WOW!! Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With Your Ex

WOW!! Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With Your Ex

WOW!! Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With Your Ex

Inspirational Articles – There is a saying that the ex is a mate who gave up. Maybe most people feel that being friends with an ex is a difficult thing to do. The easiest way to find out about your ex is by stalking their social media.

In fact, if you want to think better and clearer, having a good relationship with your ex turns out to have many positive sides.

For people who say that making friends with their ex is impossible is a group of youths who are at a loss. They try to find a way to forget their ex . Even though there are not a few things that you will get if you can be more mature in controlling your emotions and thoughts so you don’t get bored.

Need more reassurance? Fine, here are 7 further explanations of why you don’t need to be prestige to be friends with your ex.

Once you care, it’s impossible to stop completely. Rather than denial, isn’t it better for your concern to be directed to building friendships?

Once you have a feeling of caring for someone, it’s impossible to get rid of that feeling. After all, that person has already meant so much to you. That person also played a role in shaping you into the person you are today. To people who have been so instrumental in your life, how do you stop caring?

Note: caring about your ex doesn’t mean secretly hoping for a return. “Care” means simply: you want his life to be clean of catastrophe. You want him not to give up on a test that could come at any time. And if asked, you are willing to help as much as possible so that he is always okay.

I don’t know what you think about this point. But admit it: doesn’t this sound like a recipe for being a good friend?

Your ex understands you inside and out. He knows the sides that you never even show in front of friends. Are you sure people like this want to be “thrown out”?

How many ups and downs have you had with him? It doesn’t matter how it ends, you’ve had a very close relationship with him. He’s the one who knows your inside and out the best. The things that you don’t show to other people are no longer a secret for him.

Because he understands you from all sides, he is the best candidate for questioning. According to him, is it appropriate or not if you take this job offer? According to him, will you be able to adapt if you move to this city? Without realizing it, after you are no longer a partner, you already have friends instantly.

You two are still one world. If you have to meet again before “agreeing to be fine”, what will you do?

Whether you break up or not, you two are still in the same world. Because of this, your chances of meeting him again are very open. So wouldn’t it be more comfortable if you guys just build a good relationship?

Especially if you meet as a work relationship. The world of work will not care about the “memories” you once had. While there’s still some awkwardness between you and him, don’t be surprised if your performance is interrupted.

On the other hand, when you meet him as a close friend, then your work will go smoothly and maybe your career will be helped by him.

One thing to remember is that he understands the path of life you want. It is not impossible that he will be the one who will connect you with the job opportunity you aspire to. Of course this did not happen randomly. This can happen on one note: you are good friends with him.

Good friendship with your ex is a sign of maturity. You two are not little kids who are losers in front of feelings

It’s no longer the time to go through the court-break-enemies cycle. The older you get, the more you will see a relationship than that. Dating-breakup shows maturity. By being able to make friends, you prove that you are not a weak slave in front of feelings.

It’s time to make peace with yourself. Did he want to be better?

Learning to be good friends with your boyfriend is a process of coming to terms with yourself. At this stage you learn to manage your feelings and work for the good in the future. Of course, at the beginning of the breakup, you will be very emotional. Not only do you feel sad, you also feel a lump of regret and anger.

As you are able to control your ego well, your heart will become more spacious. What used to seem unreasonable (like making friends), becomes an interesting scenario when you’ve moved on and forget about all the disappointments. It’s about time, man. Turn mistakes into gold!

You guys started off on good terms. It just doesn’t make sense to refuse to “end it” nicely.

There are many expectations that you once set with your ex. Although there are also many incompatibility that lead to the end of the relationship. But weren’t there good intentions to be in a relationship? It just doesn’t make sense now that you’re betraying him.

Being friends with your ex is not impossible. All you need is maturity. At the end of the day, he’s still a great individual who ever made you fall in love. This fact won’t change, even if you don’t have it anymore.

Maybe those are 6 reasons that can help you in considering making friends with your ex’s ranks . Calm! You don’t need to rush, just enjoy the process so you can accept it sincerely and gracefully for the memories and disappointments that happened in your past. Then you turn this into a good friendship. Hope it is useful. Good Luck!!

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