It turns out that these are 5 reasons why girls prefer singles

It turns out that these are 5 reasons why girls prefer singles

Inspirational Articles 2017 – There are many reasons why a girl chooses to be alone or not to have a partner, aka single , even though her age is ideal for dating or marriage. Of course this will make the boys wonder and want to be a little curious about his decision.

It turns out that these are 5 reasons why girls prefer singles

Indeed, there are many things and reasons behind a girl in choosing a way of life that continues to be single, not because she is not beautiful, not rich, or not sociable, but there are personal or psychological reasons that usually cause them to continue to be single.

Here are some reasons why girls continue to choose to be single:

Yes, they are picky. But, isn’t this better than just being random?

The first reason many girls are single or never find a life partner is that they are too picky in determining the criteria for a guy who will be their partner.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong if in choosing a partner, conduct a selection first and screen the men who are the criteria, but remember, no human is perfect in this world.

So in determining the criteria for a prospective life partner, don’t be too strict, later instead of the ideal partner with the perfect criteria you get, but instead nonsense, forever being a single virgin. So never hesitate in choosing.

Many things to consider, including insecurity

The second reason why girls continue to be single is; he doesn’t believe in himself too much.

This is natural, because maybe as a girl she has a shy and insecure attitude, but if these two traits give too much influence in her life then it can be said that it is no longer natural.

By having an attitude like that means you are leading yourself to the deepest hiding hole, closing the opportunity for new people to enter your love story.

A better way is to open the doors of your heart wide, and socialize more by making more friends. So with that all the doors of your soul mate will be opened.

Sometimes, girls are too busy to chase what is (actually) difficult for her to pursue
If the will is strong, usually a girl will try it in earnest.

Many girls are too focused on the guy they want to make them close their hearts to the people closest to them.

In fact, it could be that your own unexpected friend is a guy who actually cares and pays attention to you all this time.

They are so picky, these girls think that dating is something for nothing

Experience has taught him to understand when the opposite sex is about to approach him.

She already knew the various male characters who wanted to approach her, whether he only wanted to play with her feelings or was really serious about marrying her.

Still thinking about first love (?)

She never forgets her first love in the past, doesn’t want to date anyone other than her ex. For men who want to approach her better back off until he completely forgets his ex.

Sometimes it’s quite annoying when he talks about good memories with his ex and their advantages in front of the man who approaches him. It takes a long time to forget her but she is the type of girl who is loyal.

Maybe that’s 5 reasons why girls choose to stay alone or single. As such, you guys can’t and shouldn’t justify that about weird things. We must realize that life is a choice and we must try to get the best, including regarding a partner or mate.

In addition, we must also remember that the ideal partner is a partner who can complement each other. So, let’s not be busy looking for the perfect partner and even forget to be a more perfect self. Hopefully this article is useful. Good Luck guys…

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