Here are 5 Horror Comics That Will Give You Goosebumps

Here are 5 Horror Comics That Will Give You Goosebumps

Inspirational Articles – Who doesn’t like comics? At least, some young children have a hobby of reading comics. There are funny comics, hero comics, adult comics, and horror comics . Naaahh for this last type of comic, namely horror comics. Maybe not a few people who like horror. Apart from being brave, this type of person also likes challenges.

Here are 5 Horror Comics That Will Give You Goosebumps

Are you the type of person who is brave and likes a challenge? Well, below are 5 horror comics that you should read. These comics are special comics from MBDC that will give you goosebumps.

Hell’s Torment

Every 90s school kid must have read this scary comic. At least if you don’t dare to read it, have you ever seen a cover about how the torments of hell will come for people who violate their religious teachings.

The author is not clear, but this comic really hits. Then, it tells the story of what kind of torture was obtained. For example, if you like to steal, let’s describe the punishment of the thieves. cool. For those who like adrenaline or want to repent, this comic is perfect for reading.

Fuan no Tane

It’s no secret that Japanese people like to explore weirdness. What would happen if they made a horror comic? Must be really crazy. It is proven in the comic Fuan No Tane, the horror is really felt.

Written by Masaaki Nakayama, the author is as mysterious as the comics. Nakayama focuses on weird and spooky images rather than stories, so don’t expect evocative horror stories. The content is generally short and without much important dialogue.

This comic, which was only written for a limited time, has also been made into a film.


Talking about Japanese horror is incomplete without talking about the master, Junji Ito. One of the masterpieces ever made is Uzumaki. The series tells the story of a fictional city named Kurôzu-cho which is affected by an outbreak of a supernatural curse connected to a spiral.

Like the picture above, the whole mood is built with spooky pictures with spirals. This comic is very popular even abroad. Once nominated for the Eisner Award, the highest honor in the comics world.

Tales from the Crypt

So far, you may have known that America is good at making superhero comics, but that’s not all. American comics are quite varied and one genre that really matters is horror. The most legendary comic ever made is “Tales from the Crypt”.

Comics that were made in the 50s are actually more inclined to magazines that contain a collection of several stories. Each issue, there are two main stories told by “The Crypt-Keeper”, one from “The Vault-Keeper” and another from “The Old-Witch”. Even though it is no longer made, this comic is still considered influential in the history of the development of American comics.

Ghost Stories

One other comic is Ghost Stories. This comic whose count is “Cheap Comics” contains an anthology of scary random stories.

Nah, how are you guys? Have you read any comics? If you have read and finished the five comics, it means that you are a brave person and a lover of horror comics. Hopefully useful guys…

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