These 12 Memes Can Trick You During Fasting Month

These 12 Memes Can Trick You During Fasting Month

Inspirational Article – Ramadan is the month in which Muslims around the world are required to fast for a month. Fasting in the sense of refraining from eating, drinking, sexual intercourse with the wife and talking and behaving dirty.

These 12 Memes Can Trick You During Fasting Month

During the day while fasting in the month of Ramadan is indeed the toughest challenge. It’s hot, thirsty, hungry, hot again. Huh… so completely out of focus! Well, if you’re out of focus, you’re bound to see the wrong thing by default! Like the following 12 memes. During the fasting month, anything you see can turn into food or drink.

Want proof? Let’s just look at the 12 memes that were fooled during the fasting month, which were published in brilio(dot)net:

  1. Wow, that’s really fresh!
  1. Very similar huh?
  1. Wkwkwk… his vision is blurry, isn’t it?
  1. From a distance, it is very similar indeed.
  1. This too.
  1. Hmmm… Yummy.
  2. Don’t be fooled.
  1. Too late to eat can be fatal consequences.
  1. Wkwkwk….
  1. Effects of fasting.
  1. Duh syegerrr…
  1. Hilarious…

Maybe that’s 12 memes that can fool you during the month of Ramadan. How are you guys? have you ever experienced this? Hehehe… Yep, maybe everyone who has ever fasted in Ramadan has experienced the above. Hopefully useful and please read other articles below. Thank You

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